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Friday, August 10, 2012

B2S To Do List Linky

Hello all! I can't believe this Monday I go back to work...It has been a whirlwind these last couple of days. I had all my PreK stuff and book storaged in my aunt's garage and I still need to go back for more sorting (woe is me!) On another note, I found out one of my 3rd grade friends is moving to Kindergarten with me (WINNING!) She is a bit overwhelmed of the change but I reassured her I would help her out as much as I can once Monday comes..I also requested a larger Kinder class to store all my junk materials and my principal agreed to move me into a bigger classroom! I could not be more thrilled..I was hoping for a larger classroom to set up my teepee I purchased a couple of years ago from Kirkland's during my internship.

On to the list! I have linked up with Ms. Shope's Class for my B2S to do list..I have so many needs/wants for my classroom so I made two lists of things I need to get done and things I need to buy once my first paycheck rolls around..Here they are..Things that are highlighted are things I have done/purchased so far..

  1. Tying Teachers: Make a big shoe and list all the student names that can tie their own shoe
  2. 1st day of Kindergarten: Have students write their name on a small whiteboard/or take a pic with a large frame entitle “1st day of Kinder”
  3. How do we go home ribbon with templates and blue/brown ribbon from Walmart
  4. Gallon ziplock mural for student’s work(quilt-Pinterest)
  5. Duct tape squares for morning meetings
  6. Pledge of Allegiance
  7. Classroom Rules poster
  8. Schedule poster
  9. Whole Brain poster
  10. Daily 5 Poster
  11. BUILD poster
  12. Finish calendar
  13. Magnet strips, Velcro strips
  14. Ribbons
  15. Make a ketchup bottle and pickle (pickles get to pick an activity, ketchups catch up on HW)
  16. KWL chart
  17. How we Listen poster
  18. Uniform poster
  19. EZ Grader
  20. Label Maker
  21. Laminator
  22. Printer
  23. Where are we? Sign
  24. Home or School Poster with student pictures
  25. Pick Me popsicle sticks
  26. Stress reliever box
  27. Radio with cassette/CD/MP3
  28. CDs for math and phonics
  29. Sharpened/Unsharpened pencil boxes
  30. Tattle Box
  31. Name desk tags with alphabets, numbers, right, left
  32. Two 5 drawer storage containers
  33. Signs for labeling items
  34. Pocket CHARTS!!!!
  35. Months, Days for calendar
  36. Teacher’s Toolbox
  37. WBT Signs
  38. Popsicle Sticks (more)
  39. Sentence Strips (more)
  40. Easel
  41. Sand/Rice table/ box
  42. Place Value Chart for days of the school year
  43. 3 Ways to Read a book sign
There ya go...LONG list but all items are very worth it to me!

PS Just for kicks..I'm so sad my school does not have a pumpkin patch like my old school :( The kids really love visiting it and each class make a scarecrow (ours is with the Halloween face)

Have a great Friday..and next time you hear from me, I'll post pictures of before and after of my classroom :)


  1. Yay for getting a bigger classroom! Exciting! Thanks for linkin'' up! Your list look great! I would love a label maker and a laminator...good things for your list!

    1. Thanks! I'm over the moon with my larger classroom..