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Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Made It! and Question

Hi everyone! Most of us are down down to the nitty gritty with the last couple of weeks left before school starts..Today I go and sign my contract! I'm also going to ask if I can start slowly moving in my things before the 13th because I know all teachers will be fighting for those pushing carts to take all things in the week before school. I also need to ask if I can bring a volunteer aka my boyfriend to help me set up my classroom. Somehow my school is weird about bringing in outside help so most likely they will tell me no, but hey, a simple request wouldn't hurt right? Question: how is your school feelings about outside (volunteer) work? Are they always A-OK with it? Anyways on to the post.. I've linked up again with Fourth Grade Frolics for my Monday Made It..Here are some additional things I've made these past few days..

Tying Teachers shoe that I recreated..I found the tying teachers show on Pinterest to write all the student names that know how to tie their shoes so I don't have to bend down all the time to tie! GENIUS! 

 This is my birthday pot..these little starburst were something I bought from the Dollar Tree. I attached a pencil onto it and wrote in the back "Free No HW Pass! Love, Ms. Pasqua"> Super easy to do and on a tight budget :)

 These two banners I also got from Dollar Tree and I hot glued a cute memo found through Pinterest and the Pledge of Allegiance.
KWL chart I'm going to laminate once I get some $$$ so students and I create an anchor chart with post-its on whatever subject I'm teaching.

Classroom Jobs poster. I got these cute neon envelopes at the Dollar Tree too.

"5 L's of Active Listening" poster. I wrote down how are they supposed to behave when listening with illustrations and arrows pointing to what they should do.

I am no crafty girl, so I got this bunting banner from Party City and hot glued each letter to make sure they don't move around through the school year. I finished it off by laminating it with contact paper (matte).

I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday and keep on truckin'...we're almost there! :)


  1. My school is totally cool with bringing in volunteers to help set up classrooms. I used to bring my step-daughter. A piece of advice, if you can afford one buy your own dolly. Then you don't have to wait on the push carts. I spent $50 at Home Depot. My dolly now lives at school in our team closet. Guess what? Now, everybody wants to borrow it.

  2. My school actually encourages using volunteers, both to set up the room and to help out once school gets rolling! It's so weird how places can be so different about that! I absolutely love your shoe idea - I will have to make one of those for my room. I tied shoes up until about April last year, then towards the end of the year I "forgot" how to tie shoes, so they had to go find a friend. This is a great way to remind them who knows how to do it!

    1. No problem...yeah my school is weird about volunteers (which I actually love the extra help!)

  3. Love your idea of gluing on the letters to the pre-made banner!! It still looks SUPER cute! Wish I would have thought of that before I started my own banner for my's a lotta work!