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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Back to School Lesson Plans

Hello all :)

I've been thinking about the first day of school and what it entails in a Kindergarten classroom.. Here are some things I have been thinking about doing..

  • Introduce myself with objects and pictures
  • Recite Pledge of Allegiance
  • Explain Job Chart
  • Explain rules/expectations, bathroom time, and centers
  • Explain BUILD and Daily 5 (should I do this the first week of school? Explain one of each one day at a time? Suggestions welcomed!)
  • Take pictures of each child for centers, first day of kindergarten, etc
  • Have students color a template based on the first day of school
  • Have students practice gluing skills with template
  • Have students create a class book and write about themselves with pictures (name, age, excited about..)
  • Assess students' prior knowledge based on common core
  • Hand out a getting to know you, welcome, contact info for parents..Explain HW folder
  • Find out who goes on the bus, walks home, or car pick up
  • Give out a small goody bag to each student at the end of the day
What are some of YOUR recommendations? I was wondering what all you fab Kindergarten teachers do on this special day :)

I'm so excited for tonight! I will be spending some quality time with one of my best friends (she moved to Tennessee and haven't seen her in 7 years!) and others from high school to reminisce and catch up with everyone :)
 There she is! (second from left) and me, third in high school
Another one from one of our formals (I'm all the way to the right)

Have a fabulous Thursday everyone!


  1. I recommend doing lots of singing and dancing with youtube videos or Dr. Jean songs. I would't introduce too much on the first day. I love doing "me" bags and reading good back to school books.
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  2. Yeah I forgot to put we would be singing and dancing..I have several CDs from Greg and Steve and Kids Bop that I have used previously. Thanks for the feedback and link :)

  3. Investing in routines at the beginning of the year is golden. Pick a couple of routines that you want the kids to master and work on those. There is another 10 months for academics. Take a picture of each child. Give them a chance to get to know their room and introduce them to their school. Everything the first couple of weeks takes waaaaaay longer than you think it will.
    And, most importantly, have fun getting to know your new kidlets.

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    1. Thanks for your input..I agree..they must be comfortable with their surroundings and environment first and engage in routines before academics can take place.

  4. I love Dr. Jean and Greg and Steve. If you don't know about Laurie Berkner - check her out too! Some favorites last year were: Bumblebee, Goldfish and We Are The Dinosaurs! :)
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  5. It really looks a lot when you spell it out like that! :) No wonder the 1st day goes by so fast.


  6. Definitely teach some basic routines! The second day of school focus on what the morning routine will be like for the rest of the school year and at the end of the first day practice your end of the day routine. Make sure you leave plenty of time for dismissal in the afternoon!
    I also love the idea of having them draw a picture of themselves on the first day of school and write their name at the bottom. In May I will have them repeat the activity and have them compare and ocntrast their beginning of the year pictures from their end of the year pictures.
    I am thinking about all of this too and it is overwhelming me!

    - Vicky

    1. Thanks for your feedback :) Definitely routines should my my #1 concern and to make students feel comfortable on the first days of school..

  7. All of the above comments are so true! It's crucial to do rules and routines in the first 2 weeks of school; it sets the stage for good behavior all year long. With that said, it's also important to make the first week fun! Read books that you especially enjoy, because the kids will sense it if you don't like what you're reading to them. I usually choose books like "Kindergarten Rocks", "Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready For Kindergarten", "The Three Billy Goats Gruff", and "Goldilocks and the Three Bears". Dr. Jean's "Tooty Ta" is a great song to get the kids up and moving after you have explained several routines. Greg & Steve's "Kids In Motion" is also a great CD with a lot of group dances on it. Photos of the kids are wonderful to take during the first two days. If you have someone who could come in and help you those first two days, it would be great. I frankly ask all my friends and relatives if they can volunteer for those first two days. Let's face it, the kids are crying; parents are crying sometimes; you have to put supplies away; look like a competent, intelligent, total professional; and stay calm through all of this.

    After all of this, if you need any products for the first day of school, check out my Teacher's Notebook store. Many of my items there are free, including some cute butterfly nameplates. My blog also has lots of great freebies.

    Your latest follower,

    Sharon Dudley, NBCT

    1. Thank you for all of your resources!

  8. Hey there! I've awarded you the Versatile Blogger award. Please stop by my blog and pick it up:)

    1. Thanks! I will definitely come and pick it up :)

  9. At my school we do a staggered entry and we do half days for the first two days. We get half of the kids on the first day and they leave at noon, and then the other half the second day. For the first two days I pretty much just go over the basic rules and routines they will need to know, the MOST important ones. We practice standing in a line and walking in a line. We discuss bathroom manners. We read the Kissing Hand and do a little craft that goes with it that I use to assess basic fine motor skills. It is good to plan a lot just in case you all move quickly, but like someone above said, they go sooooo slowly at the beginning of the year. So do not expect to get through too much! The first few days go by so fast and you will be exhausted! Good luck!

    Lauren C

    1. Thanks for your input! And how neat your school slowly transitions the students that way..