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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We're an "A" School

WOW! I can't believe principal texted me today to say we were rated an "A" school :) Let me give you a little background info of my school...I work at a K-8 center charter school in a rural neighborhood in Miami. These children are usually immigrants and have very little vocabulary in English. Most of these kiddos also come from a low socioeconomic upbringing and have very little support from their families.

Aside from that, I am delighted to hear the great news! Most of the teachers at my school are young and developing innovative ways to teach these students. I know when I was working with my rockstar 3rd graders to study for the FCAT it was a challenge, but in the end, it really paid off!

Well I'm off to pick up my check to find some deals at Walmart, Target, and Dollar Tree :D

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